Opening the doors to lobbying

The right to participate directly in the policies that shape our lives belongs to every citizen, regardless of background, identity, race or creed.

Lobbying makes this meaningful participation possible by opening up direct channels of communication between engaged citizens and the MPs, ministries and other organisations that present legislation before Parliament.

Lobbying with Zenox

From exploratory consultations to fully drafted legislation ready to deliver to Parliament—we work with engaged public and private citizens, civic organizations and businesses that want to change the face of policymaking in Cyprus positively and transparently with better, more inclusive laws that don’t get stuck in red tape.

Healthy, transparent lobbying:

  • gives citizens back their voice in government by building bridges with their elected officials
  • opens the doors to socially responsible businesses who want to pursue their commercial interests openly
  • works to stamp out corruption and special interests by putting policymaking in the hands of anyone with a stake in a better, more sustainable future for our country

We can help you get your initiatives seen with:

  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Legal drafting and delivery of legislation before the House of Representatives
  • Access to the online database of national legislation and option of continuous updates about pending legislation.
  • Legal advice and analysis

Our process

Research and information collection for each specific case for each legal entity and person/client

Pre-assessment and field/policy analysis of each topic area

Development of a detailed action plan and possible resolution/bill drafting, with legal feedback back and forth in communication with the client

Delivery of the final draft to the relevant committee / policymaker or legislator and arranging meetings with other relevant players

Review of results.