Zenox Public Affairs

Zenox Public Affairs is a startup that wishes to evolve further into a public affairs and government relations social enterprise. We provide solutions related to the policymaking process through lobbying and other services. We address the gap in the Cypriot market by providing a solid platform for communication and interaction between organisations and businesses, and political officials.


The challenge

 One of the biggest challenges we face collectively as a society is reclaiming our voice in government when we feel locked out of the policymaking process.

But that feeling is often rooted in a very real state of affairs.

Without open access to policymakers and legislators, citizens, civic organisations and businesses don’t have a voice in the decisions that matter to them.

When policymaking is not transparent and inclusive, corruption thrives and the government is no longer serving its citizens with laws that mean anything to them.


Our solution

At Zenox Public Affairs, we believe that policymaking can and should become public again.

We believe that the best way to ensure a direct flow of communication between citizens and their elected officials is simply by bringing all the stakeholders to the same table. 

And we are making that happen in Cyprus with transparent lobbying, citizen-first consulting and direct access to legislation  as it happens. 

Because when we make our government an open conversation again, our lives will all improve—with sustainable, accountable businesses and initiatives, and informed citizens with an active stake in the future of the country.