Policymaking redefined

We are opening the doors to the decision-making processes inside the government that shape our lives as citizens. Get direct access to the latest legislation and policies in Cyprus as they happen. Build better bridges to the government with transparent, inclusive, engaged citizen-first lobbying and consulting.

What we can do for you

Transparent lobbying

Closed-door policymaking deprives citizens of their fundamental right to be heard. We build bridges within the government, so engaged citizens, civil society organizations and socially responsible businesses have a chance to make a difference.

Citizen-first consulting

Transforming the way governments serve citizens happens one initiative at a time. If you have a project that can improve the way we live, we have the communication strategy, legal resources and research capabilities to make it happen.


Open access legislation

Visit our e-database and observe the most recent draft legislation and policy proposals in Cyprus as they come. Obtain direct relevant information on the stage of pending legislation at the House of Representatives and become part of the process.


Through our Nomoplatform™ database, managed by Oxygono and supported by Zenox, we present our fellow citizens with the full updates regarding all pending legislation and draft bills at the House of Representatives. 

Cyprus Forum

In partnership with Oxygono  and the Delphi Economic Forum, Zenox Public Affairs is the communications partner of the Cyprus Forum, an independent, non-profit annual conference helping citizens and government find ways to work together to solve issues that matter.